Poster highlights issue of sub-standard cable

As part of its continuing campaign the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) has produced a new poster to highlight the issue of sub-standard cable to the cable supply industry and wider public. The poster, which can be downloaded here,  can be printed in a range of sizes  and will help highlight a key concern within the cable supply chain that sub-standard cable isnít always obvious, even to the trained eye. The ACI believes many cables go unchecked unless they are subjected to routine tests as part of an installation process. The ACI advises all to be vigilant and  proactive when it comes to ensuring you have made the right cable choice. Please note that downloading and displaying the poster does not imply or confer membership, certification or approval by the ACI.


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The Approved Cable Initiative

The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) is an industry-wide working group with supply chain representative bodies that has been established to address the issue of unsafe, non-approved and counterfeit cable entering the UK marketplace.


The first initiative of its kind in the electrical industry the ACI is direct in its approach to investigate and publicise the findings of cables found to be faulty, counterfeit or non-compliant with British, European or International Standards.


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