ACI highlights its market surveillance concerns

A rise in the number of dangerous product reports in the EU has led the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) to question why the UK has fallen out of the top five case reporting countries, according to newly published figures by the European Commission. The ACI, which highlights and reports issues with sub-standard, faulty and non-approved cables in the UK, is concerned that the 2014 Rapid Alert System report (for dangerous non-food products*) `Keeping European Consumers Safe’, shows the UK has dropped out of the top five countries, with its reports falling 30% since 2012. Spain, Germany and the Netherlands have all increased their notifications in the past two years.


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There seems to be more and more cable being supplied into the UK especially from Turkey that lack enough chalk for the c...

The Approved Cables Initiative

An industry-wide working group addressing the issue of unsafe, non-approved and counterfeit cable entering the UK marketplac, the ACI is direct in its approach to investigating and publicising the findings of cables found to be substandard, counterfeit or non-conforming with British, European or International Standards.

Industry supporters include EDA, ECA, Electrical Safety First, BASEC, BCA, ENA, Ascertiva, JIB and SELECT.The ACI is also supported by members of the Electrotechnical & and Electrical Market Surveillance Group (EMS), LABC and Europacable.


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