Monday 9th of September 2019

ACI applauds BASEC Suspension of CPR Certificate

BASEC has announced the suspension of a CPR Certificate of Constancy of Performance:

Issued to Chinese manufacturer Jiaxing Haitang Electronics Co. Ltd, certificate 2661-CPR-100 is believed to relate to a U/UTP Cat 6 LSZH data cable with classified performance B2ca-s1a,d0,a1, the highest classification commonly seen amongst cables of this type.

It is understood that the cable is sold under one or more different brand names in the UK and Europe. The suspension is expected to last up to two months, following which the certificate will be withdrawn, or reinstated, depending on further investigations.

Director of the ACI Dr Jeremy Hodge said: “The ACI applauds BASEC, as the Notified Body responsible for certifying this product, for taking action, following a test commissioned by ACI.

“Many cables have now held CPR credentials for two to three years. Higher classification cables must be regularly retested by the manufacturer and the Notified Body. If performance has diminished below the original declared classification and this is not corrected, then certifications may be withdrawn by the Notified Body.

“ACI will continue to monitor the UK market to make sure that claims made about cable performance to the CPR, and to safety and performance standards generally, are substantiated. Concerns will be raised with responsible parties and with relevant official bodies.”


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